Essential Ways To Promote Proper Dental Hygiene In Teething Children

When children are teething, it’s often a painful and uncomfortable time for them. The pain in the mouth can lead to less sleep, tantrums, and overall discomfort. Along with helping to ease a pain, parents have the...

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6 Foods And Beverages That Can Boost Your Dental Health

If your dentist always seems to have unhappy news for you following each checkup, you may need to make some adjustments at the dinner table. You may already know that sugary, starchy or acidic foods and drinks can hurt your...

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No Money? 10 DIY Tooth Fairy Gift Ideas

Kids losing teeth can become expensive for parents, especially if you have multiple children. According to a survey conducted by Visa Inc., kids received an average of $3.70 per tooth in 2013, a 23 percent jump from the $3.00...

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Treating Contemporary Tooth Decay With Old Fashioned Wisdom

Tooth decay in children is on the rise, and children as young as two are now coming to dentists’ offices with mouths full of cavities. The solution to this issue is multi-faceted, and no one has the exact answers. However,...

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6 Surprising Medical Conditions Your Dentist Can Spot During A Routine Oral Exam

Believe it or not, your first line of defense for many diseases is often seeing your dentist regularly. While patients may put off seeing their doctor for an annual check-up because they feel they are healthy, they still get...

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5 Tips To Help Your Child Overcome Nervousness Before A Dental Appointment

Although some children enjoy laying back in the dentist chair and spitting into the swirling bowl of water, most are apprehensive about visiting the dentist. Children who need to have cavities filled or have other more complex...

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How To Prepare Your Toddler For A First Filling

A filling may be a basic dental procedure to teenagers and adults. However, it is a first-time experience to toddlers, and they don’t know what is being done to them or why. You may think this would cause a toddler to...

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Bizarre Brushing | 5 Innovative Toothbrushes You’ve Never Heard Of |

When buying a toothbrush, you probably pick one out in your favorite color. Maybe you see that it’s “the best toothbrush on the market” and throw it in the cart. You may not realize how many odd toothbrush...

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Treating TMJ Disorders

Having a TMJ disorder is painful and there are various reasons why you may have this condition. Learn the causes, symptoms, and dental treatments available.

Dislocated Jaw Treatment

If you’ve dislocated your jaw and you suffer from these symptoms, learn how your dentist can put it back into position.

Fixing Misaligned Bites

You don’t have to live with a misaligned bite when there are several treatment options available that your dentist can perform.